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Thank You to the Garden Club
Thank you to the Garden Club for their wonderful work cleaning up the flower beds this spring. They are looking great and have many beautiful flowers in bloom. 

They will still need continued care throughout the summer. If you have some free time, come on over and do some weeding or watering. Many hands make light work. If you have any questions about what needs to be done, please contact Julie Hicks.


Vestry/Leadership Team Meeting

The next Vestry/Leadership Team Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 8th at 6:30 PM in the Gathering Space.
The Dining Out Event 

The inaugrual Dining Out Event, held on May 16th was a success! There were 24 parishioners in attendance at the dinner at Green Mill. The food and service were great. The one thing we would change is next time we should have the tables set up for more conversations and fellowship. The plan is to hold a Dining Out night every other month...So keep and eye out for a notice of the July date and location.
Altar Flower Sign Up for 2023
The new Altar Flower Sign up board is posted in the Gathering Space. Please sign up for the Sunday you wish to donate flowers and make sure to write the person or event you wish to honor. St. Luke’s cost per week for flowers is now $50.00 per week. Make your check payable to St. Luke’s with Altar Flowers as a notation and place it in the offering plate on Sunday.
Needful Things: 

Our 1880's building requires more maintenance than newer buildings, and even our newer (1950's) addition needs constant attention. Beyond our normal building expenses, our wish list includes: 
  • Replace the entrance doors at 7th & Vermillion. 
  • Repair/Replace parking lot.
  • Update Electric Panels in Church
  • Tuckpointing and brick repair on exterior of building
Send contributions to:
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
P.O. box 155
Hastings, MN 55033