Leaders:  Every member of St. Luke's.
Our Congregation's Leadership includes everyone who responds to God's call to love and serve Him, inviting others to celebrate life in Christ.


Shared Ministry Team:

  The Rev. Bob Langenfeld
  The Rev. Mary Rowan
  The Rev. Beth Wanamaker
  The Rev. Betty Herman
  The Rev. Darcy Valentine

Bronwyn Skov, Sr Warden - 1/21
Kathy Schlafge, Jr. Warden - 1/21

Heather Carlson - 1/22
Rachel Crownhart - 1/22
Julie Hicks - 1/23
Nancy Olsen - 1/23


Steve Bacon, Organist, Choirs, & Band


Youth Minister:
The Rev. Mary Rowan

Delegates to Convention:
Jan, 2020 - Jan, 2023
Heather Carlson
Open (Alternate)

Barb Flinn, Administrator
Mike Flinn, Treasurer



The Shared Ministry Team was commissioned on
January 9, 2010

Pictured are: The Rev. Connie Claxton, The Rev. Frank VanDeSteeg, Darcy Valentine, Beth Wanamaker, The Right Rev. James Jelinek, Lyn VanDeSteeg, The Rev. Bob Langenfeld, The Rev. Betty Herman.